A host of individuals rely on their home PC to run the basic business of both their professional life and personal life. For example, several representatives are currently working remotely from home. Several shoppers use their math gadgets to shop, knock and cover bills online. However, you could never believe that your private information would fall into some unacceptable hands. That’s why you should shield yourself from harmful internet based abuses. Here are the basic steps you should take to keep your computer (s) safe from cyber threats and secure online security .

  • Use a firewall

Windows has a built-in firewall that is turned on by default. You can use this firewall to protect your PC from cyber threats.

  • Keep your software up to date

Be sure to turn on programmed updates to keep Windows, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft applications up to date. In addition, you must also turn on the automatic update feature for non-Microsoft programming, especially Adobe Acrobat Reader, browsers, and other programs you routinely use.

  • Use Antivirus

For antivirus, you can either use built-in antivirus programs on your device or download them from the Internet. If you have problems with your PC and antivirus, Danish PC Help can help you in your case.

  • Protect your login information

Make sure to protect your login information by choosing very secure passwords.

  • Do not click on suspicious links and attachments

If you receive an attachment or a link from an unknown person via email, tweets, posts, online ads or messages, be sure to delete it instead of clicking or downloading it.

  • Surf the web safely

Do not visit online portals that may offer illegal drugs. A number of these platforms introduce on-the-fly malware or proposition downloads that contain malware that could harm your PC.

  • Avoid stolen material

Do not attempt to stream or download movies, music, books, or programs that do not come from trusted sources. They may contain malware.

  • Avoid using USBs or other external gadgets until it is yours

To stay away from contamination with malware and viruses, you need to guarantee that all external gadgets are either owned by you or come from a trusted source.

  • Do not install unknown flies

Avoid installing files from unknown online platforms, as they may contain viruses and malware.

It is better to install internet security software to protect your PC from cyber threats.